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CRUSSIS electrobikes s.r.o. is an importer of e-bikes, manufacturer of bicycles and kick scooters.

Dear customer!

It all started in 2012 when we decided to prepare our first collection of electric bikes and enter Czech market as a new brand. We managed so  well that  CRUSSIS electric bikes where introduced at the biggest Czech bike show „FOR BIKES“ in March 2013. A 2013 autumn our e-bikes became available  in more than 100 retail shops throughout the country.

In 2014 besides new e-bike collections we have expanded portfolio with bicycles, particularly MTB and trekking. Bicycles production is (being) provided by company Dandy in the town of Lanškroun. As it‘s well known, Lanškroun is the cradle of outstanding athletes in road cycling, where many of them represented Czech Republic and achieved considerable success. There is also a networking and close cooperation of Crussis with other bicycle professionals to whom  cycling is truly a life mission. It was also first year when we exhibited at „Eurobike“ in Friedrischafen, Germany and we expanded with e-bikes to many countries in Western Europe.

After presenting highly successful 2015 series CRUSSIS has become one of the market leaders in electric bikes. In April 2015 we opened  our own new production line of classic bicycles, which currently manufactures over 35 models of bicycles CRUSSIS with a capacity of 8,000 pieces per year and with option to increase up to 20,000 bicycles per year. In July 2015, we launched long-awaited own production of kick scooter CRUSSIS. Development, especially frame construction  and all design details (all patented) took more than a year. We are currently able to produce over 20,000 kick scooters a year.

Season 2016 will bring both very attractive models of electric bikes and many innovations in kick scooters portfolio. Stay tuned!

Our vision of kick scooters:

Rather than producing usual hobby scooters, CRUSSIS's intention is to be in the segment of "sport kick scooters“. Our goal is to provide the best possible driveability and therefore our kick scooters are and will always be precisely designed and equipped with quality components to meet the demands of sporty ridings at shorter, but also at all-day rides or long-haul proficient athlets. In doing so, it must offer an easy, comfortable and safe ride. That's why we use only branded components of global manufacturers such as Shimano, Tektro, SR Suntour, Schwalbe, Mitas and others that guarantee high quality and durability.

Every kick scooter before leaving production line is firstly completely assembled together and we also perform full examination of functioniality of brakes and moving parts. Only after it is prepared for shipping by  being wrapped in protective material and inserted into the shipping box in order to be safely delivered to its new owner.

An integral part of modern kick scooter is perfect appearance. Besides the quality of components, this is where we place great emphasis and strive to create unique designs that will be appreciated not only by the owner of the kick scooter, but will also be admired by other people and cyclists who you will meet on your trips. We simply want to make such designs that others will be turning back after you and you will be proud of your CRUSSIS kick scooter.

Kick scooters CRUSSIS are containing several of our unique solutions and inventions from appearance of the design to technical solutions of frame and tread, we decided  to protect our inventions by patents not only within EU but also within the USA.

Currently CRUSSIS kick scooters (and other products) can be obtained in more than 170 retail shops in Czech Republic, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary

CRUSSIS is a team of young cycling enthusiasts and we want to produce for you kick scooters with which you will not be happy, but thrilled and excited! Change your life with CRUSSIS kick scooter!

We wish you lots of happy kilometers and lots of fun with CRUSSIS kick scooter.

Your CRUSSIS team


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