Healthy sport for whole body

Thanks to evenly distributed load at the whole body you can hardly find a healthier way of movement than a ride on a kick scooter.

Riding a scooter helps to strengthen tendons, joint capsules and ligaments. The effort will spread through the chest and back muscles to enforce corset along the spine. Ride also strengthens the abdominal area, especially rectus abdominis muscle and the external oblique abdominal muscle, and practicaly all leg muscles. It also shapes arms and shoulders, because with proper rebound you will feel biceps, triceps and the deltoid muscle.

Kick scooter: excellent supplement of professional sportsmen

Kick scooter ride is great for people who are just getting started with the movement. Although they will serve well as a complementary activity for the more experienced athletes.

Thanks to it riding characteristics, kick scooting gets increased popularity among followers of a healthy lifestyle. Among kick scooter riders you will find amateurs of all ages and top athletes meanwhile training.

They all appreciate that riding on a kick scooter universally strengthens the overall skeletal muscles, joints and spine but it does not suffer from shock, such as during intense walking or running. Also it does not overload only the lower limbs comparing to bicycle ride. Scooter burdens the muscles of the entire body evenly, so it is safer and becomes an ideal exercise for relaxation and enhasing stamina and overall fitness.

Lose weight and sculpt your body with kick scooter

For several minutes brisk ride a day have a positive effect on your weight. Support your health and well-being of one's own body with kick scooter.

Scooter ride combines several important features that make it a very beneficial activity. Motion is on in the fresh air and has a beneficial effect on the entire cardiovascular system and helps to burn fat effectively. Even in ordinary ride out of the city you can quickly lose weight.

Especially women will appreciate that regular riding on a kick scooter will have a positive impact on a problematic body parts such as thighs, hips or buttocks. This ride should take at least twenty minutes.

If you will stretch your ride to at least an hour you will burn from 400 to 500 kilocalories (1680-2100 kJ). The exact output depends on the intensity of travel and altitude profile of your route. However burned energy value equals to almost half a kilo of roasted pork ribs or thirteen vanilla ice cream coops.

On top of that, due to improved blood circulation in the legs riding a scooter it works as a great prevention of varicose veins.

Kick scooter: perfect mean of public transport

Fast, cheap, reliable and healthy. These are just some of the attributes which boasts kick scooter as city transport.

There is no more effective way in city traffic how to get from place A to place B. Say bye-bye to overcrowded public transport, say goodbye to the eternal hanging around in the car stalled in impenetrable traffic. You will not be missing either driving for kilometers in searching for a free parking spot.

Nimble and less bulky than bicycle

Scooters have undergone over the last few years, an unprecedented development. In overcoming shorter distances in many aspects are superior to traditional bicycle. Unlike with them [bicycles], you do not need to step down before each curbs or stair. Footboard is placed low to the ground, therefore it is enough to slow down gently and smoothly start walking.

Kick scooter also has much lower weight and smaller dimensions. Thanks to slimmer sides it will go through narrow places where bicycle would not due to wide pedals. Tram, bus or metro drivers  usually tolerate kick scooters. You will easily put lick scooter into the trunk of almost any car, walk into the elevator, and if you do not have a closet it can be kept easily on the balcony.

Kick scooter vs bicycle

  • Reduced weight - easier handling
  • Smaller size – goes thru places where bicycle can‘t
  • Faster response and reaction time
  • Can use sidewalk
  • Tolerated in public transport
  • Easy handling whith parking, transportation and storing
  • No need for special sports clothing
  • Cheaper
  • Safer

Kick scooter is space-saving, quick and comfortable. Ideal for short and longer trips. Will significantly speed you up, and if you keep a reasonable pace you will reach your destination without tongue hanging out.


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