Manufacturing & Assembly of kick scooters

From the beginning of production process Crussis emphasize uniqueness of every each model, therefore kick scooters are fully assembled in Czech Republic under strict supervision of professional technicians. We carefully select only branded components that guarantee long life and strive to produce scooters, which are particularly easy for future maintenance. Each scooter is therefore firstly completely assembled and adjusted. Only after product is dissembled and and packed in a shipping box. To start your first ride you only need to remove shipping box, assemble wheels and rotate the steer. Kick scooter will be ready to go. Our partners are only well-known manufacturers of components such as Schwalbe, Tektro, SR Suntour, Rubena, Remerx and others.

CRUSSIS kick scooters are suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Innovative frame geometry has a short wheelbase, which ensures excellent driving characteristics and perfect control of the scooter at higher speeds. You will especially appreciate its low weight and high frame rigidity at the same time which we managed to achieve by reinforcement most stressed parts. Wiring is routed inside the frame and under the tread.

Design of scooters CRUSSIS is tightened to the last detail. A distinctive hallmark of scooters CRUSSIS the same color rim and tread, which is in contrast with the color of the frame scooters.Frames CRUSSIS scooters are manufactured here in the Czech Republic and after electric bikes and bicycles for the third segment brand CRUSSIS.

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